Ravings of a Lunatic

I see you've come to read about the day-to-day life of Myrnin, Morganville's insane scientist.

I hope you enjoy madness.

OOC: Yes, sorry 

I think I may have confused some people as to why I posted those GIF hunts, but if you guessed that I was leaving, then you were correct.  

It was so much fun while it lasted, but school has begun and I won’t be able to keep up with the paras while interacting and keeping the posts as error-free as I have before.  (Lol, I’m not saying that my RPing was flawless, just that it’s a lot nicer than it would be if I RPed with homework to do).  

I had to think about it for a long time and, weighing the pros and cons, I decided that it would be best for me and the RP group if I left; I don’t want to give anything less than 100% to anything I do and I feel like that would happen if I were to maintain the blog during the school year.  I wouldn’t want to have Myrnin become a crappy character just because I’d be too stubborn to know I have to let him go.  

But I’ve made a lot of good friends on here and it’s been great fun.  Just know that I love you all and it’s not because of anything anyone did.  

If you want to scroll through this blog, you can.  No one’s stopping you.  I didn’t delete the account for you all to read before the new Myrnin arrives.  And when he does, I’ll be watching.  ;)

Also, every single one of you—RPer, follower, asker, participant of any kind—is flawless.


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GIF Hunt/GIFs for Myrnin Pt 5 (last part) 

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GIF Hunt/GIFs for Myrnin Pt 4 

lol, just kidding.  we’re nowhere near done.

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David Tennant GIF Hunt/GIFs for future Myrnin RPer Pt 1 

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The Machine 

Myrnin was at his lab table, flipping switches all over the machine, connecting wires, and pouring ingredients into a small entryway on the top of the device.  He shouldn’t be doing something like this; the physics of it was dangerous and creating something out of nothing was a rule made by time itself.

But alchemy defied the laws made by many things—so why not time as well?

Myrnin turned a dial and then stepped away from the marvellous contraption, watching it whir and hearing it bubble…

Finally, with a small ding of a bell, it was ready for him, sitting there on the table.

Myrnin’s chocolate doughnut with jelly filling.

Yes, he had built a doughnut maker that made doughnuts out of thin air (with the necessary ingredients, of course).

Unfortunately, the machine began smoking and set off a fire alarm Claire had insisted she install, soaking much of the lab in water.  However, this did nothing to damper Myrnin’s spirits; he had just made his favourite-flavoured doughnut after all.

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Myrnin froze because he had, in fact, done everything Amelie had just told him not to do.  

“Well, she knows Katherine Day, my reluctant neighbour, and it would seem that she’s told the shop owner about me and my… eccentricities.”

Myrnin thought for a moment.

He’d mentioned the Founder of Morganville by name, so the woman must have gained that he and Amelie were at least close acquaintances.  Of course, she knew he was a vampire.  And she knew his name.

Amelie could tell that Myrnin had said more than she would ever have wanted him to.

“Do you understand that my identity is supposed to be a secret,known only to those close to me, or did that slip your mind when you made your new ladyfriend?” she snapped slightly. However, she forced herself to calm down; she wasn’t going to overreact.

Not if she could help it.

“Katherine knows little about what you do down there, Myrnin; she can only presume. Now, so long as you didn’t mention anything to do with science, nor about your interests, you should be able to get away with sounding like a complete moron, saying to her ‘I like to pretend that I’m clever’ when you next see her. Is that clear?”

Amelie didn’t know if Myrnin’s ego could stand him being so battered—she could only hope it did, for her identity’s sake.

He let out a breath of relief because of the ability Amelie had to keep her head.  

"I…"  He’d try.  He couldn’t promise anything; Myrnin didn’t want to let on that he was some kind of idiot.  "I understand."  He, naturally, understood Amelie’s reasoning for wanting to keep both of their identities secret.

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